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Questions? Browse the answers below or drop us a line via email.

  • Is this event for me?
    The Women's Bouldering Festival welcomes everybody who shares our values of social equity and enviromentalism. Dedicated to women and girls within the climbing community, the Festival is suitable for all ability levels from total beginners to pros. We aspire to be an inclusive platform allowing for the sharing of experience and creating meanigful relations within the community. We welcome all climbers regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and age. In case of differenty abled climbers requiring mobility assistance, please get in touch, so we can best prepare for your arrival. Minors under 18 years of age must be assisted by a parent or a guardian. For further information please refer to our Terms & Conditions page, or send us an email.
  • How much does it cost?
    All tickets can be purchased on our Eventbrite page. Women's Bouldering Festival Pass | Friday-Sunday 27-29.09.2019 | €85.00 Route Setting Seminar with Jacky Godoffe | Friday 27.09.2019 | €85.000 Climbing Masterclass with Karo Sinnhuber | Saturday 28.09.2019 | €30.00 Climbing Masterclass with Karo Sinnhuber | Sunday 28.09.2019 | €30.000 Morning Yoga with Tiffany Soi | Saturday 28.09.2019 | €18.00 Morning Yoga with Tiffany Soi | Sunday 29.09.2019 | €18.00 Climbing Injury Prevention Clinic | Saturday 28.09.2019 | €18.00 Beginner Parkour Taster Session | Saturday 28.09.2019 | €12.00 Beginner Parkour Taster Session | Sunday 29.09.2019| €12.00 Conservation Workshop with the National Forestry Office | Monday 30.09.2019 | FREE Last year's participants receive 25% discount and mailing list subscribers receive 10% discount. The Festival Pass is free to all Mentrors and they receive 25% discount on additional activities. Please note that the above prices don't incude Eventbrite processing fees. The Women's Bouldering Festival is organised by a non-profit association and our margins are extremely low. Please consider making a donation to support our work.
  • What is included in my ticket?
    The Women's Bouldering Festival Pass includes camping, bouldering in a small group with an experienced Mentor and access to evening talks. You'll also get a goodie bag filled by our sponsors, as well as a free entry ticket to the Karma Climbing Gym in Fontainebleau (valid 12 months) and a raffle ticket. Additional activities tickets can be purchaised separately or as a bolt-on to your Festival Pass. We offer Route setting, Climbing Masterclasses, Parkour, Yoga, Injury Prevention and a free Conservation Workshop. For schedule details please refer to our WHAT'S ON page or browse ticket options on our HOME page. You will then be redirected to our Eventbrite listings where you can choose and purchase your tickets. Please note that transportation is NOT included. ​ We do not provide travel & accident cover. You can buy it from many providers including the BMC (UK residents), or Assuresport (EU & US).
  • How do I get there?
    The easiers way to get around Fontainebleau is by car. You can organise carpooling with other participants via our Facebook group. The nearest train station from our camping is Bourron-Marlotte-Grez, accessible by a one-hour train journey from Paris. It is possible to walk from the train station to the camping (2,5km). However, climbing sites are not located within a walking distance from the camping as the Forest of Fontainebleau is very spread out. You can get to the area via public transport but once here, you will need to carpool with other participants. Please organise your carpooling in advance. Our indoor venue for evening talks, social and yoga is located 10 minutes walking from the camping. Detailed information (addresses, public transport, best car routes etc.) is avaible through an easy Google search but we'll also send you our tested travel beta via email once you have your tickets.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Camsite is provided to Festival Pass holders but you need to bring your own camping set up. A regular set up includes: a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a headtorch and a camping stove. For bouldering in the forest you will need: a pair of climbing shoes, a water bottle, a chalkbag and a brush, a small towel or rug to clean your shoes. It is also possible to climb barefoot but it is not common practice. Before you head out for the day in the forest, make sure to pack some lunch, toilet paper and a little bag for collecting your rubish. Pack various clothing layers as the weather might change abruptly and you might want to climb in a top but wear a warm jacket while sitting down. A thin waterproof layer might also be handy. You are recommended to bring at least one bouldering pad per two participants. You can arrange pad sharing via our Facebook group. A limited number of pads will be available for rent. Please get in touch to book yours. If you're attending Climb-flow yoga, you might want to bring a yoga mat but a sleeping mat or a towel will also do. If you're attending our Parkour Taster Class, bring comfortable footwear, such as running shoes or regular trainers. We recommend for all our participants of to have a valid travel and climbing insurance covering the dates of our event. ​
  • What if it rains?
    Wet weather won't dampen our spirits! :D Our Yoga is rainproofed indoors and our parkour will take place outdoors regardless of the weather. Climbing Masterclass will be held at the Karma Climbing Gym and Injury Prevention will be moved indoors. As the Fontainebleau sandstone is very fragile, we don't recommend climbing on damp rock. It often results in broken holds! Your goodie bag will include one free ticket to the Karma Climbing Gym. Alternative day activities will include a hike, or a rubbish collection day. Gloves, bin bags and rubbish pickers will be provided by the National Forestry Office.
  • Can I become a Mentor or a Volunteer?
    The Women's Bouldering Festival is a grassroots initiative powered by volunteers. Mentors are experienced Fontainebleau climbers willing to share their knowledge. Mentors climbing level ranges from confidence on blue circuits (perfect for helping novices on orange and yellow problems!) to pros. You can register your interest at becoming a Mentor here. If you have some skills or experiences that you'd like to share with the WBF community (do you want to teach a workshop? do a talk? help us with graphic design or publicity?), please get in touch via the same form, or drop us an email.
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