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The Women's Bouldering Festival in Fontainebleau is a non-profit event founded in 2018. It is an inclusive platform that allows climbers to meet likeminded individuals in our sport.

We hope to promote excellence in climbing and perpetuate climbing ethics by creating a network of mentorship and support.

We believe that outdoor recreation inspires confidence and helps in building skills transferable to other areas of life. 

We promote outdoor conservation and best practices in the Forest of Fontainebleau. 

All our actions are rooted in an intersectional framework adopted to advocate for social equity and environmentalism.


Our latest statement on organising our 2020 event was released on 07. March 2020. We will update you again soon.


Please bear with us for further info and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.




“I had a great weekend and will definitely be back.”
“The variety of nationalities was amazing.”
“Through the talks, I realised I wasn't alone in some climbing problems. It was eye-opening. A very positive experience that made me connect with my fellow female climbers.”
“Such a friendly, supportive and inspiring event. It got me psyched to do more!”
“...very interesting, it built confidence to climb solely with women!”
“It was perfect and I loved the speeches.”
“Before the Festival I had already spent a week in Bleau - it was my first ever week there. I have to admit, it was kind of frustrating - the switch from the gym to outdoor bouldering. But at the festival I felt that I gained confidence through the help of the guides and also because I shared my experiences with other women.”
““Going to that festival gave me a MASSIVE confidence boost with my climbing, and it is still present now. Also I met some great people that I am still in touch with. Wicked! If you read this comment and think of getting tickets, don’t hesitate, just do it.”.”
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