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Sandra Jonsson

A true bleausarde from the North of Sweden. Head of Training & Events at Klättercentret, Malmo. Heading for her first Bouldering World Cup this August. Molecular biologist.

Zofia Reych

The Festival's founder & director.  Occasional writer, appreciator of lowball traverses, on a mission to boulder 8A. Dog mum to a rescue pup. Currently based in Font. 

Alice Hafer

A travelling climber & storyteller hailing from Florida. Blokfest Champion, in love with Rocklands, always looking for a new challenge. Currently learning about portaledge life. 

Nataleigh Bell

A passionate Font climber crushing up to 8A & an experienced  climbing coach based in Belgium. Co-founder of Loves crimpy roofs & tricky slabs.

Tiffany Soi

Founder of ClimbFlow & a Strala yoga guide.. Former eilte gymnast, competitive bouledrer, astrophysicalist. Currently based out of Singapore, travelling the world to teach movement.

Gaetane Hay

Department Head at the local Forestry Office, Gaetane facilitates our co-operation with the authorities. Passionate about conservation, she's a climber, circus performer & a mum of two.

Andy Day

A professional photographer

& geek extraordinaire interested in parkour, architecture & climbing. Andy serves as moral support to Zofia & sometimes lets us use his pictures. 

Thomas Couetdic

One of the word's most respected parkour practitioners, adventuring by day & fighting fires in the Fontainebleau fire brigade, also by day. Our French connection, interpreter & translator. 

Daisy Harmer

A Royal St. Martins' fine art graduate now studying for an MA in Art & Archeology. Born & bred in London, Daisy works at the Castle Climbing Wall.

Annty Marais

A dedicated parkour practitioner

& coach, Annty works as a nurse & is a firefighter in training. She discovered climbing through her parkour practice & often swaps concrete for the rock. 

Helen Dudley

After making transitions from trad, to sport, to motherhood, Helen dedicates her time to bouldering and playing in the forest with her two boys. Still getting stronger at 48, she climbed her first 7C+ this year.


Natalia LaPré Boltukhova

A Russian-American parkour practitioner, Naliatia is an A.D.A.P.T 2 certified coach. She is also a passionate climber, qualified as an instructor, and an experienced route-setter.

Caroline Sinno

A professional boulderer with 8B ascents to her name. Based in Paris, Caroline heads her own company, Crimp Oil, which produces natural recovery remedies for climbers. A quintessential bleausardes.


Aleksandra Taistra

With numerous 8c+ ascents to her name, Aleksandra "Ola" Taistra is one of the world's best female sport climbers. She is also an extremely knowledgable climbing coach. Recently interested more in multi-pitch climbing.

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