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Our goal is to make the Women's Bouldering Festival an amazing experience. 


Inspired by similar initiatives around the globe, we decided to create an event that would bring us together in the word's best bouldering location, Fontainebleau.

The legal entity behind our festival is the International Association of Bleausardes. This is our first year and the Women's Bouldering Festival is run on voluntary, non-profit basis. All proceeds from ticket sales are invested in creating this event for you. 

To see what's included in your ticket, please refer to our previsionary schedule

Please note that travel and climbing specific insurance is not included in your ticket and we urge all our participants to purchase an appropriate insurance policy before traveling to the Festival. 

Minors over 16 years of age are welcome at our event with a written permission of a parent or guardian. Minors below 16 years of age are welcome if accompanied by a parent of guardian. 

We ask all our participants to sign a waver. It mentions many horrible possibilities and we don't mean to scare you. All our voluntary staff are insured to act on behalf of the Association and a few hold first aid qualifications. We are committed to doing everything we can to keep you safe but ultimately, climbing is a dangerous activity and you are responsible for your own safety. 

For full Terms & Conditions, please refer to the PDF document below. Our Privacy Policy is available here. Please give us a shout at in case of any questions. 

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